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  1. Military Leadership: Participants are taught leadership styles, qualities, and characteristics based on curriculum taught at the U.S. Army (Leadership Field Manual).
  2. Leadership Simulations:  Participants are given leadership scenario simulations, these exercises include combat scenarios for small unit leadership to an expansive crisis simulation where participants assume the roles of top decision-makers.   
  3. Real Business Cases: Participants are given business and managerial cases where participants will use military operations approach to settle business issues in sales, marketing, human resources, investment and operations/production management.

Instructors direct the participants to apply core values to leadership decisions and encourage participants to apply these steps to their real business situations. Intructors coming from business practioners with strong background in military training and most of them are graduated from ITB.  Military Instructors (Elite Special Forces background) will facilitate in the training field to ensure military philosophy, strategy and tactis are embedded duting the programs.

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